Oct 26, 2011

Creating Loyal Employees

Every day, I receive offers in my mailbox from companies with which I have done business in the past. Sometimes I'm interested, but most of the time I'm not and I delete them, often without reading them first. However, I don't unsubscribe because once in a while, I need their services and I know I can get offers which will be useful to me. That makes me loyal to certain companies or brands.


Businesses face the same challenges every day. However, you can't make employees become loyal partners simply by offering them specials or dangling carrots for them. Eventually, employees will find this behaviour condescending and it may have the opposite effect. However, loyal, and even passionate employees are important to businesses for they are the ones that propel things forward in good times and in bad.


Creating loyal employees is not difficult, but it requires time and perseverance. It doesn't happen overnight and it especially doesn't happen because the leaders want it: it happens because employees want it. Otherwise, they simply go on with their work, waiting for a better offer to come along.


How do you create loyal employees?

  • Treat them fairly.

  • Give them meaningful work.

  • Give them adequate resources to complete their work effectively.

  • Give them latitude to make choices in the work they do.

  • Take the time to explain how their work fits and benefits the overall picture.

  • Take the time to thank them and acknowledge their contribution.

These are simple steps, but many companies fail to implement them all. Employees know this, so when they find a company where all of these elements are present in their everyday life, they tend to want to stick around. Not only do they become loyal employees, but eventually, they even become fans and advocates. There's no better situation for a business.

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