Aug 13, 2009

Now THAT's customer service!

We bought a Moen faucet about five years ago. Some time ago, one of the pieces of the faucet broke and the handle became loose. We made do for a while, but it eventually bugged me enough that I called the company to order a new part. After asking me a few clarifying questions, the customer service representative who answered identified the piece that was broken and sent it to me... along with another part that, she says, I should change as well.

I was never asked for my receipt. She asked me what year I bought the faucet, not to see if I was still under warranty, but because a few years ago the shape of the piece was changed, and she wanted to make sure I received the right one.

No headache. No hassle. They did not make me feel bad, nor guilty, for calling them. My next faucet will be a Moen.