Jul 11, 2010

The problem with social media

I have three identities on Twitter: @lduperval, @duperval and @laurentduperval. Only the first one is valid. The other two are there just to protect my name, sort of like buying a lot of domain names, without doing anything with them but preventing people from squatting.

On the two identities I don't use, there is a  message that says: "I don't use this address, use @lduperval instead." Well, despite this warning, I still have 14 followers on @duperval. Nobody is following on @laurentduperval. Yet, the message is much more explicit on @duperval than on @laurentduperval.

This tells me that the people who follow you, aren't necessarily discriminating, They just pick names out of a hat and add that to their list. Nevertheless, all those social media experts are telling you: "You have to invest more in social media. Follow everyone who follows you." I dunno. It seems to me that it's better to have fewer followers who actually read and are interested in what you say, rather than thousands of followers who don't really give a hoot.

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