Jan 28, 2010

Starting the day with a smile

Some people have no sense of humour. This morning I was heading to town in the train, and a man entered with his toddler. After a few minutes, the child became a bit agitated. He began chirping and making noise, like a toddler would. I noticed that  people around him were smiling or laughing at his antics. All except one woman, who got up and stomped out in a huff. As I looked at her face, I could almost hear her thoughts: "How dare he bring that */*"%?& kid in my wagon?"

I wonder if she had a nice day?


  1. Have you thought, dear Laurent that this woman might have a ton of reasons to behave like she did? Maybe she couldn't stand the sight of a happy child because her's (or her daughter's) has been born with an illness and was in the hospital since...
    I know i had a period in my life where i could not stand the sight of babies...

    I do agree, though, that if you start your day with a smile, you put all chances on your side to have a better day.

    Have a good day yourself! :)

  2. Elisabeth,

    It's possible. However, the look on her face was more like someone who was really annoyed and bothered, rather than someone who was upset. She could have been trying to get work done, she could have other issues in her life, I agree.

    But I only looked at the behaviour, because that's all I could see. Anything else is pure speculation.

    Still, I wonder if that lead to her having a good day. :)